forthcoming from Ampersand Books, 2015

"Even alone, writes Molly Gaudry, 'we are not unloved.' And indeed, a reader cannot help but be trapped in tentacles of love when reading her twisting, tender Desire: A Haunting. No one but Gaudry paints language with so much care, with so much lonely, heart-dreamed beauty. No one else paints scars so naked and so necessary. This book is a breathing thing, a piece of life-in-love-in-art."

-Amber Sparks, author of May We Shed These Human Bodies

"A pretty book that gives the reader vertigo as the words and images kind of swirl around the page and through the reader's head in an intimate and heartbreaking manner that reminded me of early Anne Carson." 

-Shane Jones, author of Crystal Eaters

"With the sharpest of knives, Molly Gaudry carves richness and poverty, sadness and sweetness, violence and love into the reader's consciousness. A cut neck, a suicide, a drowning, you want to look away, but you don't, because you would miss your chance to live. Desire: A Haunting is a perfect, tender book." 

-Amina Cain, author of Creature

"Desire: A Haunting is a novel broken into lines, & this breakage uses the space of the page to enact the blank spaces of myth & the fantastic, of memory & desire. The narrator asserts that 'sometimes we are powerless against our passions,' yet in the book power matures in passion’s interstices, makes sense of trauma & develops it into strength. This is a delightful, unsettling & addictive book in which the dead speak to & follow the living, in which memory knots into presence, in which love is always a ghost."

-Mathias Svalina, author of Wastoid


 Re-released by Ampersand Books, 2014

2nd finalist for the 2011 Asian American Literary Award for Poetry
Shortlisted for the 2011 PEN/Joyce Osterweil Award for Poetry 
Nominated for the McLaughlin-Esstman-Stearns First Novel Prize

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We Take Me Apart - Molly Gaudry - MLP.jpg

Originally published by Mud Luscious Press, 2010

"There is no more perfect place to be than in Molly Gaudry's tender, dirt-floored novella, We Take Me Apart. Oh cabbage leaves, oh roses, oh orange-slice childhood grins: this book broke my heart. Its sad memory-tropes come from fairy tales and childhood books. With language, Gaudry is as loving and careful as one is with a matchbook . . . when wishing to set the whole world on fire."

-Kate Bernheimer, author of The Complete Tales of Merry Gold

"Molly Gaudry's debut evokes the spirit of iconic fairy tales that have transported readers for centuries. Her variations on these themes delineate the psychological journey from girlhood to womanhood. But We Take Me Apart is more than a retelling. In it, Gaudry reconstitutes the essence of what makes fairy tales compelling, and she does so imaginatively and with great attention to language, the earmarks of poetry."

-Christopher Kennedy, author of Encouragement for a Man Falling to His Death

"In Molly Gaudry's novella in verse, We Take Me Apart, the ordinary becomes mythical, what may be autobiographical becomes fable, and simple lines or sentences ring with ominous music. Even the empty space between the lines seems to resonate with invisible narrative. A stunning debut."

-Richard Garcia, author of The Persistence of Objects

"Entwining the trance that is childhood around the hallucination that constitutes adulthood, Molly Gaudry's We Take Me Apart is a bewitching and carefully barbed tale. A cross between silence and a fairy tale, Gaudry's Beckettian narrative sews bright bits to near-faint whispers, slowly swaddling us in quiet and darkness."

-Brian Evenson, author of Fugue State

"Molly Gaudry's We Take Me Apart works "thread into lace" . . . especially vivid in this book-length work is the mother's entrance and exit, where the ragged lines swell and turn sonnet-like with love."

-Terese Svoboda, author of Weapons Grade

"Molly Gaudry's We Take Me Apart is a dazzleflage of a book. The stuttering disrupted language of this cubist concoction disappears before your ears, sinks into your eyes. This aggressive dress camouflage reweaves Gertrude Stein's rewoven grammar of worsted silk-screened gabardine into a fully ripped patois-ed pattern of stunning wonder."

-Michael Martone, author of Michael Martone


Wild Thing - Molly Gaudry.jpg

fromThe Cupboard, 2014 

Molly Gaudry's WILD THING is the chronicle of accident and recovery, of loss and healing. But the beauty of Gaudry's complex, heartbreaking narrative is how these terms shift, disappear, and blur until indistinguishable. The accident is a moment. The recovery is the trauma. The loss is recovered. The recovery heals someone who hadn't existed before. And maybe you, too. WILD THING is that kind of truth. The kind you want to remember more than you know you can. 

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Frequencies - Molly Gaudry.jpg

with Bob Hicok & Phillip B. Williams
from YesYes Books, 2012

Poetry. Music. Edited by KMA Sullivan and Rob MacDonald. FREQUENCIES, VOLUME ONE: A CHAPBOOK AND MUSIC ANTHLOGY is three writers and three bands. Nine downloadable music files from Sharon Van Etten, Here We Go Magic, and Outlands. Three chapbooks (160 pages total!) from Bob Hicok (Speaking American), Molly Gaudry (Lost July), and Phillip B. Williams (Burn).

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