Curriculum Vitae
February 2019

PhD — Creative Writing, University of Utah, Salt Lake City, 2019 (expected)
MFA — Poetry, George Mason University, Fairfax, 2013
MA — Fiction, University of Cincinnati, Cincinnati, 2008
BA — English & Fiction Certificate, University of Cincinnati, Cincinnati, 2006

Books: Verse Novels

2018 — Desire: A Haunting, Ampersand Books
2014 — We Take Me Apart, Ampersand Books (reprint; Mud Luscious Press, 2010)

Books: Creative Nonfiction
under contract — Fit Into Me, Ampersand Books

Chapbooks: Creative Nonfiction
2014 — Wild Thing, The Cupboard

Chapbooks: Poetry
2014 — Shadow Memories, included in Black Warrior Review 41.1
2010 — Anatomy for the Artist, Blossombones
2009 — Bloody Floral Sandals, Scantily Clad Press
2009 — Parts, Mud Luscious Press

Chapbooks: Fiction
2012 — Lost July, included in Frequencies, YesYes Books
2011 — Portrait of a Modern Family, Featherproof Minibooks

Anthologies: Poetry (selected)
2014 — (T)here: Writings on Returnings, Ed. Brandi Dawn Henderson, “Fruit,” Martlet & Mare, pp. 24–25
2013 — Multifesto: A Henri D’mescan Remix, Ed. Davis Schneiderman, “Henri d’Mescan: From Abstractions (1937),” Spuyten Duyvil, pp. 58–66
2012 — A Face to Meet the Faces: An Anthology of Contemporary Persona Poetry, Eds. Stacey Lynn Brown & Oliver de la Paz, “Picasso’s Heart,” U of Akron Press, pp. 318–321

Anthologies: Fiction (selected)
2011 — Kartika Review Anthology, Ed. Christine Lee Zilka, “The parents, they have lost their daughter,” Kartika Press, p. 11
2010 — RE: Telling, Ed. William Walsh, “Down at the Dinghy,” Ampersand Books, pp. 116–117
2010 — A La Carte: Short Stories that Stir the Foodie In All of Us, Ed. S. Craig Renfroe, “Lavender Rose Petal Cheesecake,” Main Street Rag Publishing Co., pp. 108–112
2010 — Best of the Web 2010, Ed. Kathy Fish, “The Sky as John Saw It . . . ,” Dzanc Books, pp. 228–229
2009 — Best of the Web 2009, Ed. Lee K. Abbott, “The American,” Dzanc Books, pp. 122–123

Periodicals: Creative Nonfiction (selected)
2016 — Banango, “Dreaming of a Thousand Things”
2016 — apt, “Hermes, in medias res
2015 — Stirrings, “You Know You’re Adopted When”
2015 — The Margins, “The Bridge At No Gun Ri”
2015 — Drunken Boat, “Your Name Is Rose”
2015 — Origins, “Because Mary Ruefle says she’s convinced the first lyric poem was witness to the moon and that the moon was witness to the event”
2015 — Prime Number, “The Only Thing I Can Think of Is Heartbreak”
2013 — Necessary Fiction, “The Other Things We Do: Dance”
2012 — Puerto del Sol, Chapters One-Four from Beauty: An Adoption, No. 47-1

Periodicals: Fiction (selected)
2015 — Heavy Feather Review, “Creation Myth”
2015 — Bombay Literary Magazine, “The American”
2014 — Necessary Fiction, excerpts from Fit Into Me
2010 — Drunken Boat, “The Professional Lover”
2009 — Night Train, “An”
2009 — [PANK], “How a Girl Like Mary Got Giggle Water Drunk in Johnny Oe’s Struggle Buggy,” No. 03
2009 — Quick Fiction, “Procession,” No. 14
2008 — Abjective, “The Sky As John Saw It the Night Kate Sparkled”
2008 — Hobart, “Jesus or Happy Birthday”
2008 — Lamination Colony, “Last time it rained this hard the dog drowned”
2008 — Serendipity, “The Bees,” No. 09
2008 — Titular, “Six Feet Under”
2008 — Wigleaf, “Come See the Monkey”
2008 — Word Riot, “Three’s Your Limit”
2008 — Keyhole Magazine, “Georgia On My Mind”
2008 — UpRightDown, “The American,” No. 01

Periodicals: Poetry (selected)
2014 — Sugar Mule, excerpts from Desire: A Haunting
2013 — Columbia Poetry Review, “Iris, Christmas Eve”
2013 — Prick of the Spindle, excerpts from Ogie: A Ghost Story
2012 — Barrelhouse, “No Nation Woman”
2011 — Gargoyle, “Bug, Car, Man: A Triptych,” “A Wanderer Plays on Muted Strings,” “Is to love an imperative infinitive?” and “Velveteen,” No. 57
2011 — Matter Press: Journal of Compressed Creative Arts, “Marge Next Door”
2011 — Midwestern Gothic, “War Wear,” No. 01
2011 — Requited Journal, “My house is filled with flowers. The walls are bare.”
2011 — Sixth Finch, “As long as there is breath in me”
2011 — Tarpaulin Sky, Prologue and 1.1 from Rosalia
2011 — Verse Daily: Weekly Web Feature, “Desire”
2010 — Artifice Magazine, “Love, Wolf,” No. 02
2010 — Eleven Eleven, “pea,” “cocoa,” No. 09
2010 — Octopus Magazine, Chapters 2, 3, 4 from Rosalia, No. 14
2010 — Vinyl, “Desire”
2009 — Barrelhouse, “I Cook, I Clean”
2009 — Counterexample Poetics, “by the bony structure of the upper limb—”
2009 — FRiGG, “by muscles of the upper limb—” and “by muscular system of the upper limb and its function—”
2009 — [PANK], “Beneath Mosquito Netting I Imagine,” No. 03

Periodicals: Conducted Interviews & Conversations (selected)
2015 — Best American Poetry blog, “Gender, Genre, & Hybridity: A Conversation between Kristina Marie Darling and Molly Gaudry”
2012 — Lit Pub, “A Conversation with Carmen Gimenez Smith”
2011 — Lit Pub, “An Interview with Lidia Yuknavitch”
2010 — Keyhole Magazine, “An Interview with Ben Loory”
2009 — Keyhole Magazine, “A Conversation with Amelia Gray”
2009 — Keyhole Magazine, “Lydia Millet on My Happy Life
2009 — Keyhole Magazine, “An Interview with JC Hallman”
2009 — Keyhole Magazine, “Benjamin Percy on Descriptive Language”
2009 — Keyhole Magazine, “An Interview with Thomas Glave”
2008 — Keyhole Magazine, “Anthony Doerr on ‘The Hunter’s Wife’”

AWARDS & HONORS (selected)
2018 — Finalist, Crab Orchard Series Poetry Open Competition, What Are You?
2016 — Shortlisted, Graywolf Nonfiction Prize, Fit Into Me
2011 — Finalist, 14th Annual Asian Am. Literary Award for Poetry, We Take Me Apart
2011 — Shortlisted, 2011 PEN/Joyce Osterweil Award for Poetry, We Take Me Apart
2009 — Finalist, Firewheel Chapbook Award, Problems of Depiction
2009 — Finalist, Rose Metal Press’s 3rd Annual Short Short Fiction Chapbook Contest, Come See the Monkey and Other Stories

2019 — Graduate Fellow Consultant, Center for Teaching & Learning Excellence, University of Utah
2018 – 2019 — Steffensen Cannon Fellowship, The Graduate School, University of Utah
2013 – 2015 — Vice Presidential Fellowship, English Department, University of Utah
2010 – 2013 — Personal Statements Fellowship, Honors College, George Mason University

Student Award Supervision
9 Critical Language Scholarships
2 Fulbright Research Grants
9 Fulbright Teaching Assistantships
2 Boren Awards
1 Truman Scholarship
1 National Science Foundation Woman of the Year Grant

2017 — University of Alabama, Bankhead Series Literary Salon, “The Acceptance of Influence: How Tender Buttons Was Taken Apart to Make We Take Me Apart,” Tuscaloosa, AL, February 23

2014 — AWP, “Shouting In A Crowded Room: Challenges In Expanding Small-Press Readership,” Seattle, WA
2014 — AWP, “So You Want To Build A Platform: But What Is It & Why Do You Need One? Women Writers and Editors Speak Out,” Seattle, WA
2013 — Johns Hopkins University, 5th Annual Conversations & Connections: Practical Advice on Getting Published, “Literary Citizenship,” Baltimore, MD
2012 — Yale Writers’ Conference, “Small Press Publishing: Akashic Books, Bellevue Literary Press, Small Beer Press, and Lit Pub,” New Haven, CT
2011 — 3rd Annual Asian American Literary Festival, Asian American Writers’ Workshop, “Poetry Showcase: Molly Gaudry, Kimiko Hahn, Garrett Hongo, and Tracy K. Smith,” Melville House, Brooklyn, NY
2011 — Johns Hopkins University, 4th Annual Conversations & Connections: Practical Advice on Getting Published, “The Nature of the Digital Landscape,” Baltimore, MD
2011 — AWP, “The Audacity of Scope: Crafting the Book-length Poem,” Washington, DC
2009 — Johns Hopkins University, 3rd Annual Conversations & Connections: Practical Advice on Getting Published, “Flash Fiction,” Baltimore, MD

2010 — George Mason University, Lecture and Public Workshop, “Personal Statements for Graduate School Applications,” Fairfax, VA
2010 — George Mason University, GMU’s Louis Stokes Alliance for Minority Participation, Graduate and Fellowship Panel, “Crafting the Personal Statement,” Fairfax, VA

2019 — Weber State University, Ogden, UT
2017 — University of Alabama, Bankhead Series, Historic Drish House, Tuscaloosa, AL
2014 — City Art Book Festival, SLC Public Library, UT
2014 — Muzzle + Vinyl, Lucid Lounge, Seattle, WA
2012 — Literary Death Match, DC9, Washington, DC
2012 — Table X/Y Reading Experiment, Outer Space Studio, Chicago, IL
2011 — Page Turner: AAWW Annual Literary Festival, Melville House, Brooklyn, NY
2011 — UMass Boston Presents MLP, UMass Boston Bookstore, Boston, MA
2011 — Colorado State University MLP, Equinox Brewing, Fort Collins, CO
2011 — Bad Show Affair, Lost Lake Lounge Denver, CO
2011 — The Three Tents Reading Series, The Big Hunt, Washington, DC
2011 — Women Kickass Writers, Goodbye Blue Monday, NYC, NY
2011 — Divination, Ireland’s Four Provinces, Washington, DC
2010 — Great Lakes, Great Times, Ann Arbor, MI
2010 — TRNSFR Launch, Pete’s Candy Store, NYC, NY
2010 — Barrelhouse Presents Artifice Magazine, Wonderland Ballroom, Washington, DC
2010 — Dogzplot & JMWW Reading, Baltimore, MD
2010 — Enclave Reading Series, NYC, NY
2010 — Chapter & Verse, Philadelphia, PA
2010 — 440 Reading Series, NYC, NY
2010 — 510 Reading Series, Baltimore, MD
2009 — Myopic Books, Providence, RI
2009 — Dire Literary Series, Cambridge, MA
2009 — KGB Bar, NYC, NY
2009 — The Book Cellar, Chicago, IL 

2016 — This Choice Podcast, “This Choice: Molly Gaudry”
2015 — The Drunken Odyssey Podcast, “Buzzed Books #22: We Take Me Apart
2014 — The Missouri Review’s Soundbooth Podcast Series
2011 — KKUP 91.5 FM, “Out of Our Minds,” host JP Dancing Bear, Cupertino, CA
2011 — Sweet! Actors Reading Writers, “Picasso’s Heart,” “Die with me when I die,” NYC, NY
2010 — Orange Alert Podcast, “‘The Peacock Lady’ and ‘Featherman,’” Chicago, IL
2009 — Apostrophe Cast, “Molly Gaudry reads from We Take Me Apart,” NYC, NY

Yale Writers’ Workshop, Resident Faculty

Short Stories Workshop (Summer: 2018, 2017, 2015)
Flash Fiction Workshop (Summer: 2015, 2014, 2013)
The Lyric Essay (Summer: 2015)

La Europa Academy, Instructor
Creative Writing Workshop: Short Stories (2019: Term 3)
Creative Writing Workshop: Fables and Fairy Tales (2018: Term 2)
College Application Essays (2018: Term 1, Term 2)

University of Utah, Graduate Teaching Assistant, Sole Instructor
Intermediate Writing (Spring 2018, Fall 2017, Fall 2015)
Intro to Creative Writing (Spring 2018, Spring 2016)
Writing Fiction (Spring 2016)

Northern Virginia Community College, Adjunct Instructor
College Composition (Fall 2010)

Widener University, Adjunct Instructor
Composition and Critical Thought (Spring 2010, Fall 2009)
Adv. Exposition & Lit, “Hope: Literature for Hard Times” (Spring 2010)
Adv. Exposition & Lit, “Ecocriticism” (Fall 2009)

Widener University Delaware Law School, Adjunct Instructor
Composition and Critical Thought, “Ways of Seeing” (Spring 2010)

University of Cincinnati, Graduate Teaching Assistant, Sole Instructor           
Freshman Composition (Fall 2007)
Freshman Composition with Service Learning Component, “The History and Future of the School for Creative and Performing Arts” (Spring 2008)

School for Creative and Performing Arts, Volunteer Instructor
Flash Fiction Workshop (2008 – 2009)
First Novel Chapter Workshop (2007 – 2008)
Short Story Workshop (2006 – 2007)

To Institution
Assistant Editor, J19: The Journal of Nineteenth-Century Americanists, 2018–present
Writing Coach, University of Utah, Veterans Support Center, Salt Lake City, UT, 2018–present
Member, Review Committee, Dreamers Connecting Our Community Scholarship, University of Utah, 2019
Member, Review Committee, Union Student Leader Scholarship, University of Utah, 2019
Member, Graduate Student Committee, Open-Rank Fiction Search, University of Utah, 2019
Mentor, George Mason University Undergraduate English Society, Fairfax, VA, 2010–2013
Juror, Regional Scholastic Art & Writing Awards, Howard University, Washington, DC, 2012
Mentor, School for Creative and Performing Arts, Cincinnati, OH, 2006–2008
Judge, Corbett-Mayerson Creative Writing Award for Outstanding Senior Project at the School for Creative and Performing Arts, Cincinnati, OH, 2008
Assessor, University of Cincinnati Cincinnatus Scholarship, Cincinnati, OH, 2008

To Community (selected)
Founder and Publisher, The Lit Pub, 2011 – present
Blurbs provided for over 25 emerging authors’ books, 2009 – present
Reader, Tupelo Press Sunken Garden Poetry Prize, 2018
Judge, Sejong Writing Competition (Junior, Senior, and Adult essay categories), 2018
Reader, The Chautauqua Janus Prize, 2018
Charms Professor (Poetry, ages 11-18), O.W.L. Camp, Salt Lake County Library, 2018
Judge, Literary Death Match, SLC, UT, 2018
Judge, Wasatch Iron Pen Competition, SLC Arts Festival, SLC, UT, 2104
Reader, Ronald Sukenick/FC2 Innovative Fiction Contest, SLC, UT, 2013
Inaugural Guest Editor, Hybrid Beasts, Red Lemonade’s 1st Annual Anthology, 2012
Co-founding Editor, Twelve Stories, 2008–2012
Judge, The Doctor TJ Eckleburg Review Summer Prosetry Contest, 2011
Contributor, Big Other, 2009–2011
Guest Editor, SmokeLong Quarterly (Weekly Edition), 2010
Book Reviewer, East&West Magazine, 2009–2010
Founding Editor, Willows Wept Review, 2008–2010
Associate Editor, Keyhole Magazine, 2008–2010