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Liminality and the Fantastic in Psychotopographic Heterotopias

The truth is I would rather be in bed, but that's not going to happen because I think I might finally be getting somewhere with my problematics?

Tentatively, I'm still interested in investigating liminality (which opens the door for conversations about generic hybridity, among other liminal zones/spaces/states/structures).

But now I've added the Fantastic (a la Todorov). I think this opens the door to conversations about fairy tales, mythology, and magical realism, by potentially problematizing the assumed reality of these spaces? (Not sure. Will have to figure it out.)

Which is where heterotopias (a la Foucault) enter into the discussion? From Wikipedia: "These are spaces of otherness, which are neither here nor there, that are simultaneously physical and mental." (A lot to unpack there, but it feels right. I know, I know, whatever that means!) 

And, finally, psychotopography, as defined here: "the dynamic interrelationship of emotions, landscape, and the individual."

So, yeah, all of this is hinging on a hunch, not much more at this point than a gut feeling resting on a prayer, but I am really hoping that this combination of foci is closer to the mark than Narrativity, Liminality, and Desire (which, if nothing else, sounds boring in comparison?).

And it's back to the drawing board. Again.

If, after a night spent running for your life, you woke in the forest and saw this key, would you reach up and take it?