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And it's back to the drawing board. Again.

But I don't think I have to totally ditch the stuff from my previous posts. It's just that those things aren't necessarily the most useful foci for now. I think? 

So I started over again.

I read a lot of critical essays, and I think I have a better handle now on things like the postcolonial and diasporic writer's liminal location, the liminally charged space of culturally liminal subjectivity, liminal identities, liminal landscapes, erotic liminality, and embodied liminalities, etc.

So I'm going to try to write this proposal tonight. And I will not stare off into space wishing I were floating on my back in the ocean at sunset like it's summer. 

Liminality, Identity, and Gratitude

Liminality and the Fantastic in Psychotopographic Heterotopias