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Hello, and welcome to my website, where you can read excerpts from my first two books, We Take Me Apart and Desire. Or view #littlebitsoffit from Fit Into Me, the third installment of my ongoing series.

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"Get your shit together. . . . I have complete confidence in you."

I don't know about you, but my dusty fingers are out of practice. It's time to start working them out again, I fear. I've got a manuscript due in fifteen days. Will I complete it on time? And also: why do I always do this? I did it with WTMA, for which I also pulled this little stunt, too: I frantic-emailed my publisher and said, "I need a kick in the ass." She replied, "Get your shit together." And then she wrote, "I have complete confidence in you." (JAT basically said the same thing when I did it to him.) I wrote back, "I will bring it," but that was bravado talking, taking over. Now that it is a new day, I'm back to procrastinating, doing everything but write the damn thing. But, as I've told myself before, in 2 days I'm going to get on a plane, I will be separated from the Internet for 18 days, and I will write the damn thing then, OK? I even have an outline! And I will stick to it! It's just a first draft that's due, anyway. It will be OK.

"articulate why this collection matters, what makes it important"

"description is an activity in which the writer can begin to resolve the irreconcilability of the written word and the unwritten world"