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"description is an activity in which the writer can begin to resolve the irreconcilability of the written word and the unwritten world"

My parents like to tell the story of how we went to Disney World and all day we looked and looked for Minnie and all day we never saw her until after hours and hours of grudgingly accepting other Disney characters' autographs in my Minnie Mouse autograph book, I finally saw her!

My parents tried to take a photograph of me and Minnie, but I wouldn't stand still. I kept peeking around behind Minnie looking for something. Later, after Minnie left me with a big hug and kiss, my parents asked, "What was that all about? What were you looking for back there?" 

I said, with a huge crooked-teeth smile, "That was the REAL Minnie Mouse!"

They said, "How do you know for sure?"

I whispered, "No zippers!"

True story.


And this is pretty much the same happiness I feel every day right now. 

(*Today's post title comes from Harry Mathews's Twenty Lines a Day.)

"Get your shit together. . . . I have complete confidence in you."

"we are better than dead / in that we are this: breasts, soles, heels, lips."