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"Like a long ribbon it fell and, when it wet you, froze you."

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[I got a nice surprise today and it makes me think of these gals here.]

The title of this post comes from Henri Michaux's poem "The Jetty." This week I'm also reading Blanca Varela, John Ashbery, Jacques Dupin, W. S. Merwin, James Wright, Philip Levine, Dan Pagis, Erica Pedretti, Gary Snyder, Tomas Transtromer, Marco Antonio Montes de Oca, Otto Orban, N. Scott Momaday, Vern Rutsala, Michael Benedikt, and Russel Edson. Tell me what book I'm reading and I'll tell you if you're right. If you guess correctly, you should treat yourself and buy the book. Maybe I'll buy it for you because it's a winner. The first sentences from Varela's, Ashbery's, Dupin's, and Merwin's poems are lumped together, below; I think it makes a neat little prose poem all on its own:

The one who'd seen it all turned her face away. Kind of empty in the way it sees everything, the earth gets to its feet and salutes the sky. I am forbidden to stop to see. Let us salute what delivers us, the flame yellow bulldozer, the giant beetle with fever-shaken thorax, the small of its back twisted for a monstrous arching. The spiders started out to go with the wind on its pilgrimage. This morning there was another one in the mail. The one no bigger than the head of a pencil, that emerged from the forehead of the new dentist perhaps an inch above his left eyebrow, ran down to the eyebrow and along it and dropped from the side of his face to the little scalloped glass tray on which the dentist was selecting a drill. At the very mention of it there is one kind of person who laughs or looks away.

Not much else to report, but hopefully more soon. Oh, I met this man over the weekend, and that seemed like a once-in-a-lifetime kind of special. Thanks to Brian Evenson and Joanna Howard for introducing us! 

"In sum, we would be delighted to see the National Book Foundation change its National Book Award guidelines to allow retellings of fairy tales, folk tales, and myths."

Glamour, drama, style, and a "reading is a performance whether we like it or not."