Modern Art for Modern Dollhouses

Modern Art for Modern Dollhouses


I started MoGa Gallery in May 2019 as a way to bridge my interests in two very different communities: miniaturists and alcohol ink artists.

Re: miniatures,

I’ve been following Chris Toledo’s and Lavender Belle’s Instagram accounts for over a year, fascinated by their incredible 1:12 scale reproductions. Here’s a dollhouse Chris built by hand, and here’s a dollhouse Vonelle renovated and redecorated. There are miniaturists who specialize in floral arrangements, legible books, food that’s in the process of being prepared, name brand groceries, even sex toys.

Re: alcohol inks,

I love Menka Desai’s and June Corstorphine’s works in particular. Menka produces rounder, fuller abstract shapes that sometimes look like flower petals falling from the sky, while June produces finely detailed, representational florals. One of the reasons I was tempted to play around with alcohol inks myself is because it just looked fun, but the reason I’m still playing around with them, and doing this, is because they’re helping me learn to let go, to not have to control everything, to just put some ink on some paper and see what happens.

Just months away from having a PhD in Creative Writing,

and with a slew of writing degrees behind me, I’m not really someone who—I’m just gonna say it—has felt at all allowed to just have fun, or to let go and see what emerges. I honestly can’t read anything anymore without analyzing, theorizing, historicizing. (Seriously, I just re-watched Always Be My Maybe today because I might write an essay about it. Keanu aside, I still don’t get it. And I’m Asian. I want to get it.) At some point, writing became my job. Or, a crucial element toward getting a job. Which anyone on the academic TT market will tell you is, well, stressful.

Here’s the thing about miniatures, though:

I read somewhere that one of the (many) reasons miniatures are so popular is because the economy isn’t great, and people can’t buy the homes they grew up thinking they’d have already bought by now. And this is one way to sort of ease that pain—which I am not making light of. I’m an old Millennial (Oregon Trail Generation), and I 100% get it. There’s this sort of unnameable feeling, cousin to disappointment, maybe a distant relative of despair, resulting from things not quite turning out the way you expected, the way you were brought up to believe they would, and it can weigh heavy on the heart.

But I’ll tell you what, these inks are helping me to just let it all go….

So there you have it. Welcome to MoGa Gallery.


That same article that was super depressing about why people buy miniatures was also like, Um, but also, we just like small things? :D

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